Nasal Septoplasty

Nasal Septoplasty is a surgical procedure to straighten and thin the septum.  Done under anesthesia, the procedure is done within the nose with no incisions, scarring, bruising or cosmetic changes in the face.  In simple terms, an incision is made in the lining of the septum, the deformed bone and cartilage is removed, and the incision is sewn-up dissolvable sutures. 

The procedure takes approximately 30-minutes.  Patients can go home the same day with Tylenol for pain.  The procedure is non-cosmetic and is covered by insurance.

For smaller, isolated septum deformities, procedures can be done in the office under local and topical anesthesia.  Small spurs and deflections can be addressed with minimal discomfort and no bruising and no appearance changes.